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It’s been nearly a decade since an 8-year-old Carson Diersing shyly told his harmonica teacher, Indiana music legend Tony Cooley, that “Skip to my Lou” (his first assignment) was not his style. Tony looked him straight in the eye and told him, “you’re 8-years old, you don’t have a style.” Two weeks later Tony encouraged the Diersing family to travel to the Bean Blossom Blues Festival to compete in his first harmonica competition. Carson was stunned when they announced he was the “winner.” The minute he walked out on that stage, life changed for him forever.

Over the past decade, Carson has been afforded countless opportunities to play with the greats in the music world. We’ll see if we can add some to that extensive list this weekend!

Carson has a 45-minute “duo” set with guitar accompaniment. Local guitar virtuoso Johnny “Guitar” Brewer will support Carson on acoustic. Carson, plays guitar as well and Johnny, bassman Robert Baker and our own Mark Clark will step up on drums to add the “electric” edge to Carson’s show.

Catch Carson and his supporting band of amazing locals on Friday from 5 to 6:30pm.

Check out what the Blues Community has to say about Carson.

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